Jennifer Wood: Writing

Jennifer Wood has a lifetime of writing experience and skill. Jennifer has an extensive literary education, both personal and academic.

Creative writing:

Portal (screenplay and final project; class: The Sunken Place)

The Island (short story and final project; class: Introduction to Afrofuturism)

Some Notable Academic Papers:

  • Reconsidering Women’s Images and Roles in Ancient Lower Central America
  • Questioning the Image of Aztec Violence through Bioarcheological Remains

Some Notable Untitled papers:

  • paper topic: Racial Capitalism (Class: Another World is Possible)
  • paper topic: Racial Capitalism (Class: Afro-Indigenous History)
  • paper exploring ethnography and mapping (Class: Another World is Possible)
  • paper about established schemes for interpreting and understanding archaeology (Class: Theory in Anthropological Archaeology)
  • paper topic: Illness Narrative based on interview of patient (Class: Medical Anthropology)
  • paper topic: Kennewick Man (Class: Theory in Anthropological Archaeology)
  • paper topic: Belizean Kriol (Class: Linguistic Anthropology)
  • paper topic: Belize (Class: Central American Racial Constructions)
  • paper topic: Hip Hop Culture Contextualized within Social, Racial, and Political Struggle (Class: Global Hip Hop Cultures)